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Hi Wild Wise Woman,

I am truly happy that you dedicate some time to visit my website.  I hope you will find what you are looking for.  Or maybe you will find something else you did not look for.   Be my guest and take your time.  And let me know what you found.

About me

My name is EvaMaria and I was born into an ‘out of the regular box’ family. My grandmother was advised by her doctor to become a vegetarian at the
age of 20. This was almost a century ago and it was not in India,
but in Antwerp, Belgium. So from the age that I could understand the
words and their meaning, I was told that: you would not like to eat
those beautiful cows that are pasting in the meadows, do you? Maybe
she did not say it so dramatically, but the message was understood :
I would not eat some animal that was death and killed for my sake.
As my mother was brought up in a complete vegetarian environment,
she was not very good at preparing meat and make it tasty. Only one
of my aunts was able to prepare meat properly without ever tasting
it. But both my mother and aunts were geniuses with vegetables
and salads. Apart from the vegetarian eating imposed by my
grandmother, my mother was taken by my grandfather to yoga classes.
She was 16 at that time. Today, 2018, she is 93. Unfortunately for
my mother (and for me), WWII stopped all the yoga activities
of father and daughter. My mother met my father who was a student in
medicine and specialized in Geriatrics. And what war had started, my
father continued as he did not like my mother going to ‘strange
things’ like yoga, exposing her body in strange postures in front of a
man… Different times, different opinions. What to say. And he
was not a vegetarian, but did not eat a lot of meat as his family
(like so many others in those days) did not have the money to do
that. So, I grew up in a mixed family where health and food were
linked from my mother’s side, where medicine was present every day with
my father’s practice and healthy food with my mothers choice to go
organic and vegetarian ‘avant la lettre’. And I was growing up being
‘different’ all the time with my ‘dark bread’, my ‘sesame cookies’,
my herbal infusions, my ‘no, thanks, I do not eat meat’.

Now, with all this context of my family, do not think that I did go into being healthy.. not at all. I had immune system issues from early in my life. Know I think that all this raw food and fruit and cheeses, were not a
balanced food diet.

Then as a young adolescent, I messed up. I messed up a lot. I have chosen the ‘wrong’ relations and ‘wrong’ jobs and ideals all the time. I
submerged my self in post-hippy artistic gipsy, bohemian lifestyle and did not take care of what I was eating, smoking or drinking because I thought
partners were forever, youth was forever, health was forever. I used
to be so absurdly unaware and silly until my body and mind were
aching both so badly, I did not have an alternative then diving in
and looking for solutions.

And then I started my real journey in the ‘health jungle’ I started it with some advantage, as I came out of this ‘weird’ family. It is difficult as
there are many solutions out there. But apparently, the lifestyle,
introduced by my grandmother was lacking something and I had to go
beyond that. So I started reading about all these different and many times contradicting methods. And then I found that the ways of Ayurveda makes the most sense to me and as I found that functional
medicine and quantum physics are confirming with scientific proof
what Ayurveda knows since more than 6000 years, I decided to study
Ayurveda in 1999.

Ayurveda is known for his rejuvenation techniques and has the accent on food and massage. So, in a way, it brought, what I received from father and
mother, together.

The studies at the Eisra in Den Haag, Netherlands, made me travel to India, study a couple of months at the Gujarat Ayurved University in Jamnagar. I
became interested in Jyotish and did some small course. In 2012, I
went back to India, to do a 3-months Tantra Yoga course in Shri Kali
Ashram and in spring 2017, I will be doing a 2 months internship on
Panchakarma techniques in Ahmadabad.

As my life path has been loaded with experiences and their problems, I also followed courses on depression, alcoholism, men’s health, wellness coaching and read a lot about relations, narcissism and co-dependency, relations, the new conscious business marketing,..

Why do I want to help you?

In my search to solve my problems, I have done a lot of courses and gathered a lot of information which I want to share with you.

The goal of my site?

There is a jungle of information out there and I want to give you information about the themes that I found important for a healthy lifestyle.  It can save you a lot of time browsing and finding what you look for.  As we all have many different interests, experiences and many different problems, I cover a wide range of themes.  This goes from healthy cooking to become a conscious millionaire.  There is also a selection of products and courses out of which you can make your own choices.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

BE Happy, Be Wise, Be Healthy. Be Woman


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  1. Really enjoyed reading about your vision for your website and motivation.

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