Belly Fat, the ‘silent killer’.

Belly Fat, the ‘silent killer’.

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When you google the word Belly Fat, a lot of diseases that you would not like to have, pop up. 

The most important ones are heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia (yes, that one too) and women have the most risks.

To us, women, once we pass the age of 50 and get into our menopause, our body suffers a lot of hormonal changes, and the result is almost always ‘a tummy’.

I personally have been lean and slender all my life, even struggling to put on more weight, until the day I looked in the mirror and wondered what happened to me.

Then when you realise that you have been putting on too much weight and that this is increasing your risk for a lot of health issues, there only are two things you can do: live in fear and discomfort for the rest of your life or try to find a solution.
So I found this program: Lean Belly Breakthrough.

The creators of the program, Bruce Krahn and Dr Heinrich were especially concerned about women (and men) over fifty.

The lovely thing about the program is that it is designed to fight belly fat and the health problems that come along with it (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, depression, dementia) without having to follow a special diet or take any drugs.  The program focuses on tackling the problem with a natural health approach.

The method used is a 2-minute ritual that Dr Heinrick demonstrated to Krahn, the creator of the program, on his father-in-law who had suffered a major heart attack and who lost a substantial amount of weight in a few days.   Of course, he was in an extreme position, so do not expect to have the same result after just a few days.  It might take you a little longer as everybody is different and I guess you would apply the technique while still having a healthy body and not after an attack.

So what do you get in the program?

1) A list of all the foods 

– that help with burning fat and of which you should increase the amount that you consume.

– that can trigger heart attacks and no need to say that you should decrease your consumption of these foods.

– good desserts that help with blood sugar problems and sweet craving.

– with nutrients from herbs, foods, and spices that affect those hormones responsible for storing fat.

2) An educational overview of signs that indicate your heart is at risk.

3) Dr Heinrick’s proven method to decrease excess fat from different parts of your body.

4) A detailed explanation of how to utilise your “sleeping” metabolism and improve your sleep.  Good sleep is a crucial factor in both health and weight loss.

5) An explanation on how to speed up your fat metabolism.

6) An effective“60-second belly shred” workout program and video to do at least for 2 weeks in a row.

7) A clear guideline of what you must do to solve the underlying cause of belly fat and all of its related health concerns.

8) To monitor your progress, you have useful tracking sheets.

9) And as a bonus a list of foods that boost your libido (which is a pleasant side effect)

Although the program might not give you the extraordinary results that it promises (as everybody is different and has a different metabolism), it will provide you with good results and improve your health.

Bruce Krahn is a very experienced personal trainer and a fitness consultant for over 15 years. An important part of the program are the meal plans, that you certainly will enjoy, and it does not include any extreme diet strategy which is an absolute plus.

This program works for everyone: the meal plans are good for everyone, regardless of your age. It means that the whole family can benefit from the meals and you certainly do not have to cook ‘your special portion’.  The exercise routines are specifically designed for people that are older.  This makes it a lot easier to follow them through without giving up.

The success factor of the program is that it is really easy to do.  With excellent and tasty meals, an easy workout and good videos, there is no reason why you could not.

It goes deep down to the root cause of the problem, unlike other fitness programs and is designed to achieve long lasting results.

It can happen that you do not get results.  Maybe you did not have the time, or you do not like the program or you … There are so many reasons that could prevent you from having results and enjoy the program.  To avoid all stress (which is one of the main reason for weight gain), there is a generous 60 day Money back guarantee.

So there is no reason why you would not grab the opportunity and give this program a chance.

As for all programs to have a result,  you will need a little bit of discipline and consistency.  Without putting in your full commitment, no program will ever work.
The lean belly breakthrough is useful for prevention and improving your general health and condition but is absolutely not a replacement for a doctor.

The program comes in a digital form which makes delivery easy and quick so you can start immediately.

So, what are you waiting for?

Check it out here

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