Daydreaming or setting goals?

Daydreaming or setting goals?

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A few years ago I was unemployed and living a mediocre life, daydreaming all the time about the life that I wanted but couldn’t have.

The problem was — and this was a big one — I was chasing the wrong dream, and I was inconsistent in the pursuit of those dreams.

And to make matters worse, I was erroneously waiting for the perfect opportunity to pursue my dreams – which never came.

Now, you have to understand that there’s no such thing as a perfect opportunity.

You must create your opportunities and pursue your dreams with all you’ve got.

So it’s imperative that you make an effort to overcome the inertia to take the first step towards achieving those dreams.

To make this easy for you, here are just a few steps to making your dreams come true.

Define your dream
You must clearly articulate and define your ideas and its ultimate purpose; this process will help you to understand what is essential and what isn’t.

You can start with the easy stuff; you don’t have to decide everything all at once.

But start collecting ideas about things that make you feel excited and enthusiastic about the possibilities.

Close your eyes and see what pictures emerge, and gauge the clarity and intensity of these images that come to your mind.

Decide and believe.
Many of us will pick a fantastic dream for ourselves and then immediately become doubtful, conjuring up a long list of impossibilities to hold us back.

Stop that already!

If there’s a word for both deciding and believing, that word would be ‘commitment.’

You have to commit to your dreams.

It is impossible for your dreams to come true when you put them in a box with a tightly closed lid and prevent them from seeing the light of the day.

Every day, over and over again, you have to take it out and nurture your dream.

It is not only about to decide you want your dream to happen; you strongly have to believe it will and can happen. Just believing and expecting your idea to happen is the magic sauce that will help propel your vision into reality.

Go through your fear.
Fear is mostly what is holding us back, and generally fear is not a one-time event.  Breaking through your anxiety will be a recurring event, and if you do not go through that fear barrier that is holding you back, you will not have your dreams come through.
We disguise fear under a lot of things all the time: “Oh, I don’t have time to pursue my dreams right now, I need to make money!”

Sure you do, but that’s not a good enough excuse.
If you do not take action in spite of your fears, your dreams will never become a reality.

Take action.
Finally, this is the part where you set your goals. Learn all about goal setting AND achieving here

Figure out which steps you have to take to make your dreams happen, and do it without hesitation for as long as it takes to yield the desired results.

Then sit back and be amazed at the Universe conspires to help you achieve your dream.

Be Wild, Be Wise, Be Woman


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