Do you believe Nature can cure you?

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A friend of mine grew up with her uncle who practised alternative medicine, and without even meaning to, she became very good at it.

So good that she mastered the art and could be considered an expert as a teenager.

Her uncle said she was a natural genius, and even bragged that it ran in the family.

Unfortunately, at the time, she had a lot of distractions that didn’t let her concentrate on the medical field.

She was obsessed with the movies and wanted to be an actor.

As a result, she gave medicine only a passive interest.

However, after her uncle died, and her acting career showed no signs of snowballing, she decided to give herself up to the practice of alternative medicine.

And ever since, she has neither regretted that decision nor looked back.

Though it’s been very challenging, it has also been tremendously fulfilling.

The indescribable feeling of accomplishment and the euphoria that comes with each successful cure fills her with such immense happiness that makes me heady.

One of such remarkable cases was the case of Alexi from Mexico.

Alexi is the beautiful daughter of oil tycoon Philippe Gustavus.

She took ill during a holiday trip to Africa, and the besotted father was distraught when after seven months at the hospital, his daughter’s health continued to deteriorate instead of improving.

Eventually, someone referred her to my friend, and in desperation, he brought her in.

She had dealt with similar conditions in the past, so it didn’t puzzle her.

She correctly deduced the problem and assured them that his daughter was going to be alright.

Though she doubted if they believed her, she couldn’t care less what they thought at the time.

Besides, it wasn’t entirely their fault if they didn’t believe it: decades of deliberate misinformation could make anyone sceptical of alternative medicine.

In 3 weeks, she was able to speak and sit up in bed.

Two months later she could walk around a little, and in the third month, she was fit as a fiddle.

It wasn’t my friend; it was just alternative medicine and nature doing its age-long job of providing curative and preventive solutions to humanity’s many health challenges.

Maybe you are also suffering from one sickness or the other, and the doctors haven’t found any solution for you.

If that’s so, you need to try an alternative therapy. Or get involved with nature herself.

The Lost Book of Remedies gives an excellent start in learning about remedies and plants to help your daily ailments and support your health naturally.

I encourage you to give alternative medicine a shot today and enjoy the efficacy of natural medicine.

To your health,



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