Have you watched “The Secret”?

Have you watched “The Secret”?

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Have you watched “The Secret”?

It’s one of the most popular teachings on the law of attraction.

It says that whatever you think about most, happens in your reality.

In essence, if you want a brand new car, keep thinking about it and it will happen.

Well, I tried it some years ago when I first heard of it.

There was a house down the street which I loved and would want to own.

It wasn’t up for sale, but I wanted it.

So I started applying the law of attraction as much as I have learned of it, to attract the house.

But guess what?

Nothing happened.

I sustained the thought, hoping that it would be put up for sale, and nothing happened.

One day, I had a push in me to meet the owner and tell him that I wanted to buy the house.

But I was scared to my bone marrow to make such audacious move.

I expected that the law of attraction would make the owner come to me and tell me that he wants to sell his house.

But it didn’t happen.

Unfortunately, that’s how most of us see this law…….courtesy of the way its proponents present it.

The truth, which I later found out, is that you don’t just need to hold it in your thought to attract it;

You also need to do one thing:

Listen to your instinct and take action on what it tells you.

Back to my first experience, the house I was hoping to attract, got sold two months later.

I got to find out that the owner was moving out of town and wanted to sell, but didn’t make it open.

That means the law of attraction worked…..

it put it in my mind to ask the man if he wanted to sell the house.

But I didn’t take action on it and concluded that it doesn’t work.

That incident taught me a lot about the law of attraction and how it works.

So as you brood about what you want to attract in your life, make sure you are alert to take action on whatever opportunity or inner push that the universe brings to you.

That’s the only way this law will work for you.

Peggy McColl has a fantastic course in which you learn all about the law of attraction and how to attract your dream house so you do not make the same mistake.

You can find more information about it here and download your free e-book about how to manifest your dream house

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