Today is the day.

Today is the day.

I’m sure you’re ready for some serious transformation.

But before we delve into the main thing, I would love to invite you to watch this exclusive video presentation:

What do we mean when we say “science doesn’t lie”?

Well, it is no doubt that extreme, painful dieting can lead to prolonged weight loss or even weight gain to an extent.


Yes! The fact is that even if a diet brings measurable results in a short-term, the likelihood of you sticking to that particular diet for the rest of your life is pretty zero.

Let’s be honest here!

What was the first thing you did when you got over an unusually strict diet in the past?

Don’t just deny it. You know you ate that burger or pizza or even both.

Hey, lady, it is normal

Whether or not the starvation mode is real or myth, nobody is disputing the psychology. But we will discuss more on this in a future newsletter.

You can agree with me that it’s just the truth. It’s not the issue of willpower. It’s a matter of not doing something dumb.

If your willpower can power you to stay for 24 hours straight without eating, then why blame yourself for lack of willpower when you fall short of the goal of permanent weight loss?

It’s called self-preservation, and there is no doubt about the existence of that.

Okay, I have taken much of your time today.

Before we call it a day, I will be giving you an assignment with which you can use to step up and take some little actions that, over time, will culminate into a brand new you.

Believe you me; I’ll never give you an assignment that you can’t handle

So today we are going to keep it super simple.

Here are the two simple yet effective assignments.

  1. Eat one piece of fruit and drink a glass of water. If you don’t have a piece of fruit handy, get one.
  2. Watch this video (it is a long one, but I promiss it gives a lot of content and information)

These are straightforward assignments, I guess?

Dear lady, I can lead you to a piece of fruit and a glass of water, but I can’t force you to eat and drink

So you have to participate in your rescue here

See I’m not some superhuman who can do what you can’t do, neither am I smarter than you.

I’m just trying to be a friend here. And I hope you will let me

Click here to watch the video now!

Sorry for the long copy but I promise, my next email will be shorter.

Until then,


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