Why wait till the New Year?

Why wait till the New Year?

Why wait till the New Year? Waiting for a ‘perfect moment to start’ is a mistake that almost everyone makes. Resolutions to drastic changes are mostly made around the New Year and right before the summer holidays and here’s what generally happens: You are super-charged to transform your body. You may decide to go on a diet – start exercising.Or do both.This New Year, you will promise yourself to get up early, take oats for breakfast and salad for lunch.

Then you go to the gym in the evening and come back to a super-healthy meal.

And it all goes well for day one and day two.

But on day four, it starts getting hard.

And the fifth day is even worse. At this point, most folks crash down and burn.

They start skipping the gym, and then their diet goes down the pan.

It’s only a matter of time before most people quit.

Now, this might sound like you. Don’t screw yourself yet.

Move on; learn from your mistakes and bounce back to track by taking this advice. There is a better way to get started.

A way that will help you overcome the killer combination of a strict diet and exercise while killing off the old habits that haunt you. Ready?

You start slowly with one habit at a time.

You might have to improve your meal one meal at a time or replace your habit of drinking soda by taking water.Whatever it is, remember to start with one habit at a time.

Though it might seem slow, it is better to change one habit and succeed than start improving your whole life routine at once and fail. Slow and consistent is the key to success.

Start slow and start by balancing and detoxing your body, changing small things in your diet.

As the saying goes: an elephant is eaten one bite at a time.

This is how you need to treat your diet and weight loss.

Start your journey to that destination you want to be with baby steps, and you will see it happen.

And it is much easier, a lot more fun and a lot sustainable when you take it one habit at a time!

Got it?

That’s cool.

Start doing it now. Do not wait until the holiday period is over. When you start now, you will be in better shape when the holidays come and you will be proud of yourself that this beautiful cocktail dress still fits you.

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